If Your Home has a Mortgage

  • We’ll take over your payments and give you debt relief.
  • If there is enough equity after marketing and repairs, we can make payments to you for your equity.

If Your Home has no Mortgage

  • We can offer to make payments to you for your equity.
  • Pay CASH for your equity.

Customize An Offer For YOU

  • If you must have cash, we can pay some Now and some Later.
  • We’ll give you a Balloon Payment when we sell.

Other Possibilities – Let’s Talk!


Your “HOUSE PAPERS” including:

  • Deed with Property Legal Description
  • Mortgage – Also could be named
    "Security Deed” or
    "All Inclusive Trust Deed”
  • Mortgage Coupon Book or Latest Statement from Lender
  • Any existing Survey
  • Property Tax Bill
  • Insurance Declaration Page

Your original closing papers could also help


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